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After giving birth to our first child in a hospital I knew I wanted a different experience with our husband however thought the idea of a home birth was radical and was very unsettled about the idea...that is until he met Kelly. After our first interview with Kelly he was 100% confident and at peace with the idea of me birthing at home.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Kelly! Going into her home for prenatal appointments was warm and welcoming...she was just as thrilled about the growing human inside of me as I was. (This was very different from the cold/ long waiting experiences I had in my OBs office) I loved that my other children were able to go along with me to our prenatals and be a part of the experience. (My son loved listening to the baby’s heartbeat with the feta scope! They were always welcomed with open arms and I was even so impressed with the way Kellys’ youngest daughter Audrey was with them that she became our nanny when we traveled on business. 

When I delivered with an OB the first time around I didn’t know all...except for the fact that he was a well-known doctor and had recently gotten the flu the time Kelly helped deliver my baby I knew every member of her family, I knew her faith, I watched her parent her children, we had deep meaningful the time Kelly helped deliver my baby...I knew her!!! And even more I loved her!! I loved having someone help deliver my baby who I not only was confident in her abilities to handle any situation that could potentially arise...but that is was someone I had a relationship and felt comfortable with.

I have now had 2 home births with Kelly and they were beautiful and peaceful...NOT without hiccups but Kelly always knew how to handle any oddity that came with my births. I have also already referred Kelly to 2 who already had a great experience birthing at home with her and the other who will get to experience the joys of home birth with Kelly this coming summer.

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable and experienced but has this beautiful peaceful confidence about her that I absolutely admire! I would hire her 100 times over and could go on and on about stories and memories I have made with Kelly and my home birth experience.

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Kelly helped with the births of our youngest three children, and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is professional, warm and caring, and most importantly, a great listener; very attuned to what we needed (and wanted) during each birth. The education she provided to us as a couple was a valuable part of our education and openness to home birth. Kelly walked us through the typical procedures, answered all our questions and prepared us thoroughly. After the first birth in the comfort of our own home, we realized that, if God should allow, we never wanted to have anything other than home births!
I received unhurried, excellent personal care from Kelly during each pregnancy, such a contrast from traditional OB care. And when birth time came, she worked tirelessly to meet our needs and keep us all safe and healthy! She also celebrated each arrival with us as enthusiastically as if she were part of our family honestly, at this point, she kind of is! We are thrilled to recommend her as an excellent care provider!

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Choosing to have a home birth was not a decision my husband and I took lightly. In fact, we started doing research before we were pregnant. Safety was always our top priority, and this led our search for a knowledgeable and experienced midwife. Kelly Aguilera checked those boxes plus was someone we felt comfortable with. I always appreciated her wise counsel, sense of humor, gentle spirit and confident care giving ways. She walked with us through two pregnancies and two very different deliveries. I always felt in capable hands. If we were to have another baby, she’d be one of our first calls.
Carrie & Doug Sharp

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I highly recommend Kelly!! She helped deliver my two youngest daughters. After having one hospital birth and one birth with another midwife, I had no idea that birthing could be a positive experience. Kelly was aware of my needs and attentive to my situation. She walked in with confidence and encouragement so I could focus on what I needed to do. She was aware of the fact that well meaning family were stressful to me and advised me accordingly. She is amazing and to this day, 21 and 23 years later, I am still so grateful Kelly walked me through labor and delivery of two very precious girls! ❤️

Leigh Ann Cassell

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When I first became pregnant with my first daughter, I thought I would try to do a hospital birth because I was so uncertain about my health being ok for a homebirth and it was my first experience with birth at all. I knew I wanted to try a homebirth at some point though. For the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, I saw a hospital midwife because I thought I would feel more comfortable than I would trying to do a homebirth with my first. As the weeks went on, I became increasingly more uncomfortable each visit with that decision and sought out a homebirth midwife instead. I was struggling with depression at the time, as well. My husband was born at home, and he was fine with the idea of a homebirth, as long as we had a midwife who knew what she was doing. We met Kelly, and knew immediately that we wanted to work with her because she had a plethora of knowledge and experience, and she was very compassionate and offered deeply empathetic support that made me feel so much better should my depression worsen (it did not), or if I were to face postpartum depression (I also didn't!) after birth. I switched my care to her to continue with my pregnancy and birth. We had a few ups and downs at the end of my pregnancy, and Kelly took everything in stride and took care with everything we encountered. My home birth itself was a wonderful experience, and I cannot say how thankful I am to have chosen a home birth with Kelly. She is so caring, and treated us like a client she really cared for, but also like family. The details and ability of all that she had when we signed up with her felt incredible to me, and now in 2021, she has even more experience and training and more capability now than she did at the time of my daughter's birth in 2019. She was there to follow-up with us after birth for several weeks as well, and it felt wonderful to know that my daughter was doing great. I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision to have a homebirth with Kelly and would do it over again in a heartbeat. 

When I became pregnant with my second child, I called Kelly within days of my positive test, not thinking twice about working with her again, and truly I was so excited to see her again! She immediately began helping with asking questions, getting information and setting up our first prenatal appointment. I began filling out paperwork, and felt perfectly comfortable working with her again, especially since Co-vid 19 has been going on. I loved homebirth before Co-vid 19, but was especially certain a homebirth was the perfect choice at this time. We were devastated to have lost our second child to miscarriage before I was able to meet with Kelly for our first appointment. She talked me through it, was so kind to me, so incredibly supportive, and checked in with me about how I was, gave me suggestions for the pain I was having with my teeth during our loss, and offered prayers and incredible compassion for us in our time of grief. I've since heard horror stories of how doctors and nurses have treated moms who have miscarried. To have had a prior relationship with Kelly and her assistant made it just like having the support of a mom or close friend who was there through it, but I am certain she would have treated any client this way. I couldn't have made it through this without her support, and knowing that she now knows and has prayed for my family, and both of my children is a gift I will likely never find from a doctor anywhere. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kelly to anyone considering a birth at all, and would highly recommend home birth over any type of hospital birth if you have the health ability to do it. The personal care and familial feeling we found through Kelly is genuine, and we wouldn't trade it for all the world. I still won't hesitate to call her again if and prayerfully, when, we have another baby someday. She's a necessary and much-loved part of both of my birth experiences, and I look forward to the day I can call her again for our third child's birth.

           The Owens

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February 2019, I was pregnant with my first. I was in the care of a well known OB in my area. I had no complaints during our prenatal visits, but they were always very rushed and I always waited in the waiting room for longer than I spoke to doctor. Toward the end of that pregnancy I was sent for growth scans because my belly was measuring big. When I went past my due date, my OB told me the risks of having a vaginal birth with a big baby (episiotomy) and highly recommended a c section. As a first time mom, I left scared and returned back to sign the pre-op papers. I had a c section at 40+4. My recovery from my surgery was long and hard, and played a big role in my decision not to breastfeed and bond with my baby. 

When I got pregnant with my second, I knew I wanted a different experience. I foolishly went back to my original OB and expressed my wishes to have a VBAC. She told me we could try as long as I didn’t go overdue again and if baby wasn’t measuring big. I knew I would need to find a more supportive provider. 

My husband and I never thought we would even consider a homebirth, especially a VBAC at home but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. We met with Kelly at 23 weeks, and the minute we left we both were in agreement that a homebirth was now our plan. 

My prenatal care experience with Kelly was completely different from my care with my OB. Our appointments were at least 45 minutes, and during those visits we got to know her and felt so comfortable with her and her amazing team. We always felt so good and confident leaving her house. By the time of my due date, I felt more excited than I did nervous to deliver my baby. 

I had a successful VBAC at home in August 2021 at 41 weeks gestation with Kelly and her team. My baby ended up being 4 oz bigger than my c-section baby - proving that my body was indeed capable of birthing big babies. Our birth was so peaceful and never did I feel scared or afraid. Having Kelly’s support at my birth was like having family there. My husband was able to be so hands on and involved. We were so comfortable the entire time. I’m healing better than I did the first time, and breastfeeding like a champ. I’m so blessed that God led me down this road and that Kelly believed in me. 

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