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                 Here are a few common questions that couples want to know.

How far do you travel to attend a birth?

I will travel up to 45minutes to an hour.  This will be discussed during our first phone contact.

How much are your services and what does it cover?

At present I am charging $3500.  I require a deposit at the first prenatal. Payment is due in full by 36 weeks with no refunds after 37 weeks.  I do offer payment plans that will suit your financial situation. Payment plans are discussed in person at our face to face interview. 

Fees Include:

     Prenatal care – typically 30-60-minute appointments

          Ordering Labs and ultrasounds

          Phone contact 24 hours a day for urgent needs, non-urgent messages or

          questions can be sent between the hours of 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.

     Trained Birth Assistant

     Home visit at 37 weeks, unless you've moved to a new home I do not do a home visit with following pregnancies. 

     Childbirth Class for those I’ve not served previously.


     Postpartum visit at 24-36 hours, 2-3 days.

     Breastfeeding support

     Newborn hearing test/fee not included

     Postpartum phone contact 24 hours a day for the first week.  After the first week I am

           available 24 hours a day for urgent questions as well.

Not Included:

     Lab fees, ultrasound fee, (If you have insurance, it should be covered.)

     Certain meds that are used during your care.  We can discuss that at the interview.

     Newborn Screening test fee

    IV treatment

Do I have to buy supplies?

Yes, I give you a supply list.  These are inexpensive items and easy to attain.


Do you take insurance?

No, I do not.  I do write an invoice with proper codes for you after your birth.  This is for  

     you to turn into your insurance. I have information and steps you can take even

      before your due date.

Do you come to my home for prenatal care?

I come to your home at 36-37 weeks for a home visit/prenatal. All other prenatals are at

     my office.

Do you ever have more than one client in labor? What would happen if you did?

I limit how many clients I serve a month to help prevent such a situation from happening.     

          If this were to occur, I have two certified licensed Midwives that will do back up.


Do you do water births?

Yes, I have served many women choosing water birth. I have a birth pool to rent on a first come basis.

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