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About Me

I grew up in the Tri City area. Moved to Colorado for 20 years , married had five of eight children and returned to Michigan in 1999. I was trained in Midwifery while living in Colorado. I started as a Bradley Childbirth educator, attending many hospital births as  labor support. I was asked in 1993 to apprentice with a busy Midwife and spent the next three years gleaning from her, not only as a Midwife but so much more.  Upon moving to Michigan in 1999 I continued to Midwife, have three more children, homeschool and grow in experience and knowledge. In August of 2019 licensure was required by the state of Michigan.  I am a licensed , Certified Professional Midwife. I am trained in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR and continue ongoing education pertaining to my field.   

I serve families with a heart for normality in pregnancy and childbirth.  I bring knowledge and experience, only managing when needed. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have.  


Cathy Bretenitz has been assisting me since 2009. She is a Certified Doula, which led me to inquire if she was interested in attending some births with me. She was enthusiastic then and still is.  Cathy’s Doula business, Abundant Joy Doula Services, is separate from Believing Birth Midwifery. Cathy is my assistant but can be hired as a Doula if you so desire.  Though Cathy is not required to, she does all extra training with me throughout the year.  Cathy is also trained in Neonatal Resuscitation and infant CPR.  She has attended other trainings with me such as a pharmacology class and a four-day training from Mercy in Action, Expect the Unexpected.  Cathy is also a Certified Lactation Counselor through ALPP. This is different than a Certified Lactation Consultant, but her knowledge has been helpful to many. I am thankful for her time and dedication and look forward to more years together.

Caring For Families

All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you always striving to meet your needs and expectations. I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting.

Young Couple Expecting

Prenatal Visits

Here for You

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. Building a relationship and trust is very important as we get closer to labor and birth. I teach a two part childbirth class during your pregnacy. This is not only so you can gain knowledge but so you and your partner can get to know me better as well.

Birthing Guidance

Offering Support

 I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Postpartum Support

Informative and Compassionate

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your birthing journey. As a Midwife, I promise to offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and offer anything needed.

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